Sunday, August 7, 2011

Praise the Lord for Peanuts and Five Guys!

So, with Duncan's laundry list of allergies fortunately, so far, peanuts are not included on his list.  Peanuts are not a true nut, but actually are a legume in the same family as soy.  Fortunately for Duncan, he's okay with soy (for the most part...there is a back story...but it's not the purpose of this post.)

For our Vacation (we met my family in Williamsburg for a week,) which started last weekend, we decided to leave on Saturday night instead of Sunday morning as originally planned.  The AC in my car is out and it was supposed to rain on Sunday.  So, a long car trip + unpredictable traffic + a toddler with asthma + no AC and rain on the horizon which = windows up also ='s not a lot of fun potential.  So, Saturday night after Dave's plane landed was the optimal time to make the drive.  After re-arranging the car a bit to fit Dave's suitcase in we were on our way.  We did have to go a little around our elbows to get to our thumbs to get to the correct highway - but all was well. Then, we hit traffic.  So, we hopped off and being familiar with the area decided to grab a bite to eat...except what?  We didn't want Ruby Tuesday's again.  What could Duncan have besides Ruby Tuesday's or Cheeseburger in Paradise that wouldn't cost us around 40.00?  Hmmm...

Well, Dave and I had discussed several weeks ago giving Five Guys a try.  Duncan has done exceedingly well with dry roasted peanuts and very specific organic peanut butter.  So, we were ready to make the leap to peanut oil.  Though there is always anxiety related to trying something new I was fairly confident, in a not completely sure type of way, that this was going to go well.  We knew Duncan could at least try the fries.  The only ingredient in question is a de-foaming agent in the peanut oil which comprises all of .04 or .004% of the oil.  Since I've never read about a defoaming agent being comprised of corn (usually it's just the opposite ~ used as a foaming agent in soaps, etc. ) I decided to take the plunge without substantially investigating this particular ingredient.  It made me feel reckless and a tad bit of preemptive guilt if something were to happen - but we tried.  

Five Guys cuts all of their fries fresh on the premises.  They even tell you where they get their potatoes from that day.  They have one person that does only fries to prevent cross-contamination.  They also only use beef in their patties.  No flours, fillers or preservatives.  Just Beef.  Also, they grill their buns on a separate grill.  I was very nervous and very specific but all was well.  They also salt fries individually by order so there were no salt worries.  As I've stated before regular table salt is processed with corn.    

Everything went very well.  There were no problems while Duncan was eating, after he got done eating (and trust me, I was very nervous for two hours post - eating ---- it can take 2 hours for anaphylaxis to set in - we were driving in the dark so I kept checking on him quite a bit) and no problem days later on his bottom as a delayed GI type of reaction.  

So, we have an answered prayer in the form of peanuts and Five Guys.  :)  We have had a couple of new exciting developments that I'll share later.  But, as for now  I have to convince little man that after this episode of Dinosaur Train that it actually IS bed time. :)  

Again, WOOHOO Five Guys! :)  I'll still be nervous every time we eat there for a while, but at least it's a new option, and a cheaper one at that.  

I do have some pictures also, but I haven't yet figured out how to post them.  Maybe soon. 

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