Tuesday, August 23, 2011

What was left off

So, I just realized that part of a paragraph was left off of my last post.  I guess it got deleted.  I'm still perfecting the art of using a laptop and not letting my hand drag across the touch pad at inopportune times.

Basically, for digestion Duncan is on the Pre-biotic Fiber powder, a probiotic fiber powder a full spetrum digestive enzyme that he takes 2 of every time he eats anything (other than his rice crackers that dissolve in his mouth) and a phenol digestive enzyme that he takes in addition to the other enzymes any time he eats one of the fruits/veggies that are heavy in phenols/sulphur.

That's all

*and I do realize that I also left desserts off of one of the previous posts.  I'll post those sometime soon.*

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