Saturday, August 13, 2011

So, What do we eat?

Very often I get asked, "So, what does he eat?" with 'he' meaning Duncan.  I usually respond, "Mostly fresh fruits and vegetables, some meat and vegan soy protein cheese."  But, all in all that's not that descriptive. The older that Duncan gets the more I get to experiment because there are more products that are appropriate for him.  So, for the sake of saving a lot of words I'm going to make a list.  Here is a sample of some breakfasts, snacks, lunches and dinners (and desserts!)  

Keep in mind that everything is free of the following ingredients as well as their many, Many, derivatives:
Tree Nuts
Shell Fish
*And I'm sure there's more that I'm leaving off...Fortunately we just added phenols back in with success.  Because without the phenol/sulphur foods that excluded apples, red grapes, peppers, tomatoes, cocoa, and bananas (but bananas were already a no go)

Breakfast (When he actually eats):
*Whole "Grain" Multi-Berry Muffins (tastes like Berry Bread.)
* Toast (not so yummy - his version anyway) with peanut butter or homemade jams/preserves - or plain/with honey
*Fresh Diced Fruit
*Crackers and Peanut Butter
*Fruit Pizza (Biscuit Dough with Pear Sauce and Strawberries on top)
*Homemade Hash Browns/Pancakes
*Homemade Granola Mix with Vanilla Gluten Free Granola, Pumpkin Seeds, Sunflower Seeds and Dried Cranberries/Mixed Berries. 
*Mochi (Pronounced "Moh-Chee" - yummy rice bread sprinkled with cinnamon, sugar and vanilla dipped in honey!)

*Applegate Farms  Deli Meat
*"Pizza" i.e. toast with vegetables and occasionally some form of sauce on top.
*Cheese and Beans
*Chips and Salsa
*Crackers and "Dip" (Baby food swirled on top of crackers)
*Alpha-Tots (Hypo-allergenic French Fries)
*Fresh Sauteed Veggies
*Sauteed Chicken with Garlic and Herbs
*Rice Pasta with Veggies and "Cheese"
*Fresh Fruit
*Organic Peanut Butter and Homemade Jam
*Sunbutter and Jam
*Baby Food
*Anything we can get him to eat & anything listed in Breakfast
*Left-overs from Supper

Supper can take the form of anything listed above, anything we can beg Duncan to eat and anything listed below + more.
*Grilled anything and everything (When Dave is home.)
*Sauteed Chicken
*Sauteed Steak
*Stir Fry Duncan style
*Santa Fe style Rice Pasta
*Sauteed mixed veggies
*Sauteed Green Beans
*Home-made dairy free mashed potatoes
*Tortillas/Skillet Bread
*Quinoa (Pronounced's super yummy!)
*Basmati/Jasmine Rice
*Roasted Potatoes
*Boxed Mashed Potatoes (Yes, I cheat sometimes!)
*Honey Ginger Chicken with Carrots
*Soups - any and all kinds that I can make for Duncan
*Homemade Sweet Potato Fries

*Several Types of Rice Crackers
*Baby Food
*Granola Mixture
*Pureed and Pressed Fruit Bars (Think a thicker, healthier Fruit By the Foot/Fruit Snack.)
*Homemade Goods such as oatmeal sticks, cookies - whatever's on hand.
*Fresh Juice From the Juicer (It turns out like sorbet)
**This list could go on this is just a few samples

Obviously all of these foods are not quite what they appear on the surface.  They require trips to 'specialty' stores, very specific brands and research and aren't your average joe type of ingredients and brands.  But, we are establishing a sense of normalcy within Duncan's food routine that looks very similar to what other kids his age might happen to eat if they were eating 'fresh' (i.e. non-prepackaged) meals.  Well, at least what I'd like to think I'd be feeding him with if he were to not have his allergies anyway.

So, this is a sample of what Duncan gets to eat.  Quite's all pretty darn yummy! :)

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